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Fresh, locally grown ingredients, home cooked meals.


Villa Awoyo Breakfast Platter 50ghs with an assortment of Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Homemade Bread, Homemade Jam, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables of the day Beverages: Fresh Juice, Tea, Coffee, Milo, Bottled Water

À la carte BREAKFAST

Villa Awoyo French Toast 45ghs Classic Homemade Waffles 45ghs Old Fashioned Pancakes 45ghs


SALADS (Starter/Main) Tuna and Green Pawpaw Salad 45/70ghs Chicken Salad 35/55ghs Beef Salad 40/70ghs Tomato and Smoked Salmon Salad 50/80ghs SIDE DISHES Garlic Rice 12ghs Onion Rice 12ghs Carrot Rice12ghs Cinnamon Rice 12ghs Pasta 12ghs Fried Plantain 12ghs Potato Chips or Fried Yam 12ghs Grilled or Steamed Vegetables 12ghs MAIN DISHES *served with your choice of one side dish* Grilled or Fried Tilapia 55ghs Grilled or Fried Chicken 60ghs Chicken Yassa 60ghs Pineapple & Garlic King Prawn Kebab 90ghs Grilled Fish Kebab 80ghs Grilled Beef and Chicken Kebab Duo 90ghs Prawn Tempura with Grilled Aubergine 95ghs Sautéed Prawns in Fresh Coconut Milk 95ghs Steak in Peppercorn sauce 100ghs Grilled Pork Chops in BBQ Sauce 80ghs Crispy Chicken Burger 65hs / 85hs (double) Wholewheat Fish Burger 75hs Classic All Beef Burger 65hs Grilled Lobster in Garlic Butter 110ghs Mixed Grilled Seafood Platter 165ghs PIZZA Seafood Pizza 70ghs Chicken Pizza 60ghs Pizza Margherita 50ghs

VILLA AWOYO SIGNATURE SPICED RICE prepared with your choice of Mixed Vegetables 45ghs Shredded Chicken 60ghs Shredded Beef 70ghs Shredded Pork 70ghs Sautéed Prawns 75ghs KIDS MENU *served with choice of potato chips or fried plantain* Fried or Grilled Chicken Wings 40ghs Fried or Grilled Chicken 45ghs Grilled Fish Kebab 45ghs Grilled Chicken Kebab 45ghs Mini Beef Burger 50ghs Villa Awoyo Egg Fried Rice 22ghs KIDS PASTA DISHES Pasta Bolognese 45ghs Pesto Pasta with Cheese 45ghs Mac n' Cheese (with bacon) 45ghs DESSERTS *please check with your server for availability* Chocolate Mousse 45ghs Tarte Tatin (Apple Tart) à la mode 45ghs Chocolate Brownie à la mode 45ghs ICE CREAM (2 Scoops) Chocolate Cookie 45ghs Vanilla Caramel 45ghs Coconut 45ghs SORBET (2 Scoops) Mango 45ghs Watermelon 45ghs


AKPLE or BANKU prepared with your choice of Grilled Tilapia 50ghs Okro Stew with Tilapia 60ghs Okro Stew with Beef and Salmon 70ghs Okro Stew with Prawns and Crab 80ghs WORKPLE prepared with your choice of Borbi-tadi Stew 40ghs Borbi-tadi with Pepper 40ghs GARI-BA prepared with your choice of Roasted Pork Stew 80ghs Roasted Pork with Pepper 80ghs BOILED YAM or PLANTAIN prepared with your choice of Egushi Stew with Beef and Salmon 70ghs *please request the following 24hrs in advance* RED RED prepared with your choice of Fried Plantain 50ghs Boiled Plantain 50ghs FUFU prepared with your choice of Tilapia Light Soup 80ghs Goat Meat Soup 90ghs Peanut Soup with Beef or Goat 100ghs Palmnut Soup with Goat 100ghs